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2. General Job Level Definitions
3. Salary Forecasts
4. CompGeo Online Professional
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ICT/Clayton Wallis specializes in providing the most flexible, powerful and comprehensive Compensation, Salary Planning, Management and Analytical Tools that integrate advanced database design and extensive statistical functionality.

Several large multi-purpose consulting firms have attempted to copy the innovations pioneered by ICT/Clayton Wallis in terms flexibility and comprehensiveness of our Total Compensation and Salary Planning Software and Online Compensation Research Services. However, to date, their efforts have only resulted in poor imitations.

Designed for Compensation and related Professionals is , the CompGeo Online Professional Forecast Library is an Online 24 X 7 Access Total Compensation Research Environment for those who need comprehensive salary and benefit survey forecasts with wide Occupation Group coverage within an easily accessible online environment.

The CompGeo Professional Forecast Library is the only Salary and Compensation Research Site to provide complete Long Range Total Compensation Forecasts.

The New CompExplorer Search Agent Software with companion CompGeo Forecast Database on CD provides an comprehensive range new report, graphics and export options desired by most Compensation Planners, Managers and Analysts.

The Complete Current Edition of the CompGeo Professional Geographic Salary Differentials Report set is also included in the CompGeo Salary and Compensation Library. The New CompGeo Online Professional Geographic Salary Differentials Report covers entire Career Occupation Group(s) with Job Family breakouts across all Survey Areas Nationwide and provides the most reliable and comprehensive Geographic Salary Differentials Study available anywhere. This is a reliable and extremely valuable tool for every Compensation Professional. No other Geographic Salary Differential Study packs the Occupational and Job Family specificity as found in the CompGeo Online Professional Geographic Salary Differentials Report.

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Job Levels Generally Defined*
Level I - Entry/Trainee
Level II - Junior/Developing
Level III - Journey/Fully Qualified
Level IV - Senior/Advanced/Associate Consultant
Level V - Lead/Consultant
Level VI - Team Leader/Supervisor/Senior Consultant
Level VII - Manager/Senior Supervisor/Principal Consultant
Level VIII - Group Manger/Chief Consultant

*If Job Title specifically includes Supervisor or Manager then Levels differentiated upon scope of responsibility, contacts, number of employees, supervised, budgetary authority and related factors.

CompGeo Salary Survey Benchmark Job Descriptions can be accessed directly from the Benchmark Job Description Group Selector.

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Factors To Consider In Projecting(Forecasting) Salary

Anticipated Salary and Total Compensation Increases will vary across Geographic Areas, Career Occupation Group(s) and Industry/Sectors

In general, most occupations have had very moderate salary and total compensation increases on an annual basis over the last several years.

Keep in mind other variables as noted above - in particular how competitive the market is for the given occupation in the selected geographic area.

Reliable Salary and Total Compensation Forecasts that are sensitive to Career Occupation Group, Geographic Area and Industry/Sector are published in the CompGeo Professional Salary Survey and Compensation Forecast Library which may be subscribed to on a Regional or National basis.

* All available sectors are be automatically included in all CompGeo Professional Salary Survey Reports.

Industry Sector(s) may include one or more of the following categories: All, Private, Services, Government, Goods Producing, Health Services-All, Health Services-Government, Health Services Private, Hospitals-All, Hospitals Government, Hospitals-Private, Manufacturing, and Transportation/Utilities.

The CompGeo Professional Salary Survey and Compensation Forecast Library includes Direct Pay, Fringe Benefit Costs and Total Compensation Statistics for all CompGeo Benchmarks along with competitive subscription pricing..

The CompGeo Professional Forecast Library is the only Current Edition of the CompGeo Professional Geographic Salary Survey Differentials Report Set. The New CompGeo Professional Geographic Salary Survey Differentials Report covers entire CompGeo Career Salary Survey Occupation Group(s) with Job Family breakouts across all CompGeo Salary Survey Areas Nationwide. Such Geographic Salary Survey Differentials coverage down to the Job Family level is a Unique feature not found elsewhere.

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CompGeo Professional 24 X 7
Online Salary Forecast Access

The CompGeo Online Professional Salary and Compensation Survey Forecast Libray product line is available with National, Regional and Statewide coverage options. CompGeo Online Pro Forecast Library Forecasts include all Job Families and Salary Survey Benchmarks across all 23 Occupation Groups regardless of the Geographic Sector coverage option selected. Salary Projections cover an eight year time span. CompGeo Online Professional Salary Survey and Compensation Forecast Library provides Unlimited 24 X 7 Access to the CompGeo Online Salary Survey Database.

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Step 1. Review Sample Reports.

The first step in using CompGeo Online Professional is to ascertain if the type of information provided in Sample Reports appears to meet your salary survey needs. If the information and format of the sample reports appear useful then the next step is to determine which CompGeo Online Occupation Group(s) are relevant to the Job(s) that you need salary survey data on. Make a note on which CompGeo Online Professional Report Type(s) appear to be useful.

Step 2. Review the CompGeo Online Professional Salary Survey Rates Information Section on the CompGeo Pro Forecast Library Order Form

Review the <Rates associated with the CompGeo Online Professional Reports options of interest.

Step 3. Determine which CompGeo Online Occupation Group(s) are relevant to the Job(s) that you need salary survey data on.

CompGeo Online Survey Benchmark Jobs are found across several Occupation Groups within the CompGeo Online database. There are 23 Occupation Groups in the CompGeo database and each contains Job Family Groups and attendent Salary Survey Benchmarks. A complete online guide to CompGeo Online Occupation Groups is available.

There you will see what Management Benchmarks are found in the CompGeo Database. Not all jobs are found in every salary survey area and references to combined benchmark titles such as:

  Health Diagnosing/Treating Practitioners, All Other
Human Resources Training/Labor Relations Specialist
Marketing/Adversiting/Public Relations Managers
Engineering/Mathematics/Natural Science Managers
General Managers and Top Executives
Sales Agents, Securities/Commodities/Financial

are composite benchmarks and do not have more specific within group benchmark detail available unless such a breakout is listed in the in the online Occupation Guide. The same is true with benchmark title listings that contain the phrases 'All Other' or 'NEC' (not elswhere classified). Examples of such titles include SERVICE WORKERS, ALL OTHER, and MANAGERS AND ADMINISTRATORS, OTHER. Reports ordered for composite benchmarks will have information prepared at the composite level only unless more specific benchmarks are available and an AFL or CompGeo Online Professional Occupation Group Report is requested which would cover all benchmarks in the Job Family or Occupation Group.

Step 4. Select CompGeo Pro Differential Reports or Compensation Forecast Library at CompGeo Online Professional Home.

If your research involves only a single geographic area and/or a few survey benchmarks then the CompGeo Occupation Group or Statewide Forecasts may work well for your situation. If information desired covers a number of related benchmarks in few Occupation Groups or across many survey areas in a Region then CompGeo Online Professional Regional or Nationwide Forecast Subsription would be a better choice.

Step 5. Complete the CompGeo Professional Differential Report or Compensation Forecast Library Request Order Form.

CompGeo Online Professional For Professional reports that cover an entire Occupation Group with multiple forecasting options visit CompGeo Online Professional at CompGeo Online Professional Occupation Group Reports provide the best combination of value and flexibility for Compensation Professionals today.

Additional Notes:
CompGeo Professional has unique forecasting algorithms making CompGeo Online the most comprehensive and cost effective online salary survey research service.

The best value in Total Compensation Forecasting today is the CompGeo Salary Survey and Compensation Forecast Library which provides Direct, Indirect and Total Compensation Forecasts over an eight (8) year forward time span along with Excel Salary Survey Data Sheets.

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